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... on my professional page of my futur album "EVOLUTION" 

My name is Heiða Björg, and I am an Icelandic singer-clarinetist, songwriter, based in France. Alongside my faithful musicians, Les Kaos, we have undertaken numerous tours on the international stage since 2006.

I invite you to delve into my new pop/rock-fusion, English (one in Icelandic) universe, born, among other things, thanks to my discovery of the connection between the Berbers and the Vikings. I look forward to exchanging with you very soon for a future collaboration.

Wishing you a pleasant listening experience and a wonderful journey.


                                                        Musically yours,             Heiða Björg


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Welcome !

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Festival Jazz en Touraine 2023:1h15



The album "Evolution" is the result of Heiða Björg's journey, a musician and three-dimensional woman. First of all,  it tells her story as a "mom-musician". The one who, while pregnant, listens to her baby in the womb, desires to offer the best possible life and proposes to share her thoughts (BIRTHSONG). Also, her path as an "entrepreneurial woman." The one who follows her instincts and feelings rather than what is logical and rational. The one who listens to her dreams and everyday signs (NOT AFRAID). Finally, her trajectory as a "savior woman." The one who feels an urgent duty to help others, to save them, even to save the entire world; early in her life, however, she fortunately realizes she does not possess this superpower (YOU’LL FEEL IT).


Driven by her volcanic energy, with the stars well aligned above her, Heiða Björg has torn the thin membrane of her cocoon. She now shares her experiences, visions, positive energy, and joy of living through her own compositions, accompanied by her clarinet, in a quest for constantly renewed mastery of her dreaming voice. Thus came the moment to gather her audience again around her songs filled with optimism and strongly inspired by her experiences in Morocco (BLOOD MOTHER), her journey in India and Guatemala (PUSH NOW), not forgetting her moments of happiness during bicycle travels in Europe shared with her husband and children (BIKE RIDE). The album "Evolution" is also strongly inspired by the fortunate woman in love and grateful for the nature that made her born in Iceland (DE LA CHANCE). Her future fight is now to spread the messages of her songs as much as possible (FUTURE FIGHT).

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After two albums with a World Music Fusion flavor, Heida Bjorg now evolves in a more Pop-Rock Fusion style. A tangent she sums up in one phrase: "I go with my flow." Heida goes with the current, welcomes inspiration with open arms, without asking questions. She knows that the future will one day reveal the reasons behind her choices: "It's important to be aligned with oneself, in harmony with one's convictions. Every little idea is the beginning of a composition. And if it's not the 'hit' of the year, it's not a big deal. The most important thing is to try and, above all, to go all the way." Thus, Pop-Rock Fusion naturally imposed itself on her.

The themes of her songs are all inspired by intimate moments shared with loved ones and encounters that have deeply marked her. A bike ride, playing with her children, a casually strummed guitar chord, a few notes on the piano, being pregnant... Heida welcomes the melodies that come to her and reach out to her. She composes with these little nothings of life, infusing them with her inner music. That's why this new album is even closer to her. Heida shares her past, her feelings, her experiences, and the messages of optimism from women, as well as from nature, picked up on her journey, in connection with the vast universe.


FESTIVAL JAZZ en TOURAINE 2023, LA CLEF Saint Germain en Laye 2023 , FESTIVAL LE BOURADAIS 2020, Le Festival Bolotan BABELSOUND, Hongrie 2019, Festival Babel, Barcelone 2019, Café de la Danse 2012 (Paris, France), la Bellevilloise (Paris), l’Alhambra (Paris), l’Entrepôt (Paris), Festival Pot ‘Arts (Festival jazz de Serres), Gamla Bio (Islande) 2020, Studio de l’Ermitage (Paris), Nasa (Reykjavík, Islande), Rósenberg (Reykjavík), Festival de musique juive Limoud au Baiser Salé (Paris), Festival « l’Accordéon moi j’aime » (Tournai, Belgique), Festival Roubaix l’accordéon (Belgique), Théâtre Rutebeuf (Clichy), Centre culturel de Bonneville (Rhône-Alpes), Festival Cordes et Pics (Rhône-Alpes), Festival de  Vérone  (Italie), Festival Jazz’N’Klezmer (Paris), Concours International 2008 (« Muziekgebouw » Amsterdam, Pays-Bas)... et plein d’autres…

Future Fight

Something is bubbling inside me, something waiting to be heard. For so long, I've been in "Off" mode. Now, I feel it; I am "On," ready to embrace who I am, prepared for my future battle, my flight into the unknown. It's been a long time since I had time and space for myself, or listened to my inner voice. At times, I felt weak, but now I am strong. I am ready to fight to find my place. I know I'm not alone in sometimes feeling a little bit crazy. Many of us are searching and going in circles. I am going to live the life I want, be myself, with my touch of madness, my uniqueness, to be free.


In the hollow of this comfortable womb, I grow so well, but I already have many questions about my future existence. What does the world look like? Why am I here? I hear wonderful things about life, about this beautiful planet Earth, but I also hear about war, about battles, sending negative vibes. Why? I'm told that some people have nothing to eat. And me? What will be my role, emerging from this soft cocoon? How can I do my part? Plant my little seed of joy and optimism... share my first sound: "Ooooooooo".... and there, I see... the beautiful light for the first time, it's beautiful... and I believe... in life.

Not Afraid

I am in one of my dreams, alone in a lava field in Iceland. In the sky, about ten Boeing 747s are rushing towards me with a single purpose: to crash into me. However, I am not afraid. The planes crash one after another, right next to me. I remain calm and watch the debris fly at an incredible speed, thinking to myself, "I am sad for the passengers; they all die before my eyes, but... these planes wanted to kill me!" At no point do I question the "why" of such an attack, from which I emerge unscathed. Nothing is rational; everything seems normal to me. Upon waking up, I feel in an extremely peaceful state, grounded, in harmony with my own way of functioning. Nothing can happen to me. I sense a higher force, great confidence in myself, to the point where I could drive on the left without danger. This dream still serves as a reminder, even three years later: "Don't worry, if you feel it, it's the right decision."

Bike Ride

On a bike, everything is slower. Sensations are stronger and gentle at the same time. The caress of the wind on the face, the mysterious notes whistled by a bird on the path, the rustling of leaves whispering anecdotes in our ears. The joy of discovering nature, the countryside, hidden little villages... And here I am, pedaling, whistling in turn, a small part of my new composition in return. There's nothing like connecting with nature and sport for inspiration to flow.

Push Now

In the setting sun, hungry and anxious, a man advances toward his boat anchored on the beach. He watches the big waves, waiting for the moment to launch himself into the sea. Finally, he says to himself, "Push Now" (...) "Push, go," and runs, pushes his boat into the water, and jumps in. It was the right moment; otherwise, the boat would have overturned. He sails and thinks about his children left alone at home. Without a fishing rod, he throws himself into the sea to try to catch a fish with his hands. He dives deeper and deeper, barely seeing in front of him. He must bring back something to feed his children in the evening but feels so old, searches for light, gets carried away by the force of the waves, and finds only plastic.

You'll Feel It

I lost sight of myself by wanting to help you when you weren't ready. At 18, I quickly realized that I had exceeded my limits. It was an impossible mission. Only you can help yourself. You will feel it when the time comes. The right moment to make the right decision, to get through life and find the right path that will guide you. I quickly understood that I was drawn to humanity and that I naturally wanted to help people in need or those who had derailed in their lives. I dedicate this song to my first boyfriend, who dangerously fell into this cruel world and so often wanted to end his life.

Blood Mother

In a remote village, a young Moroccan woman becomes pregnant without being married. Fearing for her life, she leaves her home to give birth far away. Taken in by a resident of a big city, she gives birth to the baby and decides to give him to an orphanage. However, this child always remains close to her heart. She, who had naively believed that everything would be fine once it was all sorted out, now spends her life calling out to her baby, receiving no response, and singing for him. A mother by blood, she longs to embrace him with her voice, her heart, and her arms

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